Magic has been my greatest journey. 


I've been performing magic, illusions, and comedy professionally since 1981. My first introduction into magic was a kids magic set gifted by my grandmother on my 7th birthday. The 'Magic Bug' bit me hard, and I was soon spending multiple hours at the local library every day studying every magic book I could get my hands on.


While attending high school I met my first mentor. I was lucky enough to impress the gentlemen so he let me work as his lead magic demonstrator at the shop. For the next 6 years I worked with him professionally specializing in magic, balloon sculptures, and face-painting. These were very formative years for me. 


When I turned twenty-one I answered the call of my country and enlisted in the United States Army. During my many tours of duty I entertained thousands of troops in Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Washington D.C, Hungary, Austria and Germany. During one deployment I was sent on special assignment to an orphanage in Hungary where I was honored to perform magic for a group of children who lost their parents during the Bosnian conflict. It still touches my heart to this day. 


In 2012 I moved to Alaska where I've made my permanent home. I'm happily married with six children, and four grand-children. I'm a long-time member of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M). In 2015 I won the Grand Prize at the Bear Paw Festival Talent Competition in Eagle River, and in 2019 was a finalist at the Great Alaskan Talent Competition.  


I have the greatest career in the world creating wonder for people. When we're young everything is Magic... birds flying, flowers growing, the sun setting. But as we age Magic is explained to us and nothing seems magical anymore. My joy as an illusionist is to bring back that sense of wonder to everyone who forgot that Magic still exists in everything if you look closely enough. 


Will you join me? 

20-year old Richard

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